Patent services on all continents: inventions, utility models, industrial designs, trademarks, software products, databases, defense in courts and administrative agencies.

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Patent Law Firm "Iskona-II"

Intellectual property protection

Iskona-II Patent Law Firm and its patent attorneys will not only identify the owner of new engineering solutions, but will also provide securing of exclusive rights thereto in accordance with the Russian Federation laws, and prepare all documents required for conclusion of license agreements.

Iskona-II Patent Law Firm was established in 1993 with participation by the leading experts of the Patent Agency of the Russian Federation who came to work in the firm.

The firm’s staff includes about 15 people: patent attorneys of the Russian Federation, a Eurasian patent attorney, a designer, a lawyer, methodologists, translators, and consultants in various fields of engineering. All patent attorneys of our firm are former employees of the Patent Agency of the Russian Federation and have extensive experience in working in expert departments.

The firm works with patents and trademarks in Russia as well as in other CIS and foreign countries, performs patenting of inventions of Russian and foreign applicants within the PCT procedure, within the framework of Eurasian Patent Convention, trademark registration in the Russian Federation and in other countries including registration according to procedure envisaged by the Madrid Agreement etc.

Iskona-II performs patenting of Russian inventions according to national procedure in many countries in English, French, German, Spanish, and Japanese. 

We continuously work with inventions in the fields of chemistry, medicine, pharmaceutics, electronics, metallurgy, and mechanical engineering. 
The distinctive feature of our firm’s operation is decreasing of the amount of correspondence and the term of consideration of applications by the Patent Agency of the Russian Federation achieved by our experts through meticulous analysis of application materials. The efficiency of our work has been confirmed by the high percentage of favorable decisions regarding patent applications and applications for registration of trademarks, industrial designs etc. 

We are sure that reliable legal protection of industrial property items will allow Russian designers to create competitive products and will provide obvious advantages for patent holders by preventing unpaid use of industrial property items secured by protection documents.