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Inventions, utility models and industrial designs

Practically all countries including Russia, striving for stable economic growth, have proclaimed the third millennium an era of intellectual property.

Nowadays, legal protection of intellectual activity results, creation and efficient use of procedures for involvement of intellectual property in economic circulation are called to ensure stable economic growth and prosperity for Russia.
Inventions are the most traditional kind of industrial property items, legal protection for which is envisaged in all industrially developed countries and by practically all international treaties in the sphere of patent rights.
Protected inventions include methods (processes), devices, substances, microbial strains, and plant or animal cell cultures.
For small and medium businesses towards which the innovational activities’ center of gravity is currently shifting, there is the legal institution of utility model which is characterized by simplicity and promptness of provision of legal protection combined with relative cheapness, which better relates to these businesses’ operational conditions.
The utility model legal institution has been present for quite a while in the whole number of countries including such industrially developed ones as Germany, China, Brazil etc.
Obvious advantages of legal protection in the form of utility model of design solutions provide for quicker transition to manufacture of new kinds of products protected by patents for utility models.
Another industrial property item is industrial design. 
Industrial designs imply protection of artistic/design solutions for products, which define appearance of the same.
Esthetic value of such solutions is their uniqueness.
An industrial design patent protects labels, packaging for various products, and other items.

Experts of Patent Law Firm Iskona-II including patents attorneys of the Russian Federation and the Eurasian patent attorney, are ready
- to provide services to enterprises and organizations in assessment of intellectual activity results, to consult them regarding organization and optimization of the intellectual activity legal protection procedure;
- to perform patent research with respect to and to obtain patent protection for the results of intellectual activities in the Russian Federation and other countries in accordance with international procedures and under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (РСТ), Eurasian Patent Convention, and the Hague System for the International Registration of Industrial Designs.

Our experts perform patenting of Russian designs in more than 25 foreign countries in Europe, America, Asia, Africa, Japan, and Australia.

We draw up agreements governing legal relationships between all parties to innovation projects for the creation and utilization of intellectual activity results, including license agreements, intellectual property right assignment agreements, royalty agreements, etc.