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Registration of individualization means (trademarks and service marks)

The trademark owner can give another person the right to use the trademark in what regards all or some of the registered products on the grounds of a license agreement or a franchise agreement.

During expert examination of trademarks (service marks), Federal Institute of Industrial Property inspects the claimed marks in terms of compliance with requirements of protectability divided into two groups: absolute requirements and relative requirements.

Before filing applications for trademark (service mark) registration, it is expedient to perform a preliminary assessment of protectability of the mark in what regards absolute and relative grounds for denial of registration.

For this purpose, our experts perform preliminary search in the database of registered trademarks and marks filed for registration, and will draw up their conclusion regarding prospects of obtaining of legal protection for the mark as a trademark (service mark).

Our experts provide comprehensive services for obtaining of legal protection of trademarks (service marks) in accordance with the Russian national laws (the Civil Code of the Russian Federation), national laws of CIS and foreign countries, and international treaties which the Russian Federation is a participant of (Madrid Agreement Concerning the International Registration of Marks and the Protocol thereto).

Our experts prepare and register with the Federal Institute of Industrial Property, agreements regarding expropriation of exclusive trademark (service mark) rights, as well as license, sublicensing, and franchise agreements.